latte hour

the daily grind

Everything has been so fast paced since I jumped back into the fashion industry. The workload is piling, the stress level is increasing, and it’s starting to suck the good energy out of me. Thankfully I have those few people at work who are more… Read more


muse: Alix

This parisienne girl is my new favorite fashion blogger. I find myself more attracted to fashion bloggers who a.) has a unique personalized and chic sense of style, and b.) can pose elegantly & have fun! I’ve found a lot of the popular fashion bloggers to be… Read more

body love

the yoga situation

Om.. I’ve been obsessed with stretching ever since I was a kid. And I love seeing the different transformations I could play with in my body. In my early teens, I discovered yoga in my dance classes where it was incorporated into our routines. And… Read more