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I had the pleasure of partaking in a fashion show for my friend Sara Caterinicchia who was welcomed back as a guest alumni to feature her line, Who’s Little? at her school the Art Institute of California. I’m so proud of her and I absolutely love her childrenswear line! I have always wanted to design for children at some point in my career especially when I start having some of my own. Sara’s line is an assortment of sweet princess like dresses, inspired by the idea of capturing those precious moments as a little girl wearing her favorite dress celebrating her birthday and other special occassions. Her line consists of bright vibrant colors and voluminous texture that leave you feeling lighthearted as you may picture your own little girl twirl, pose, and play in her own Who’s Little? dress. :)

website – http://whoslittle.com/

facebook –  https://www.facebook.com/WhosLittle

twitter – http://twitter.com/whoslittle

pinterest – http://pinterest.com/WhosLittle/


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