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This sketch has two looks – old and new. On the left, is an original sketch I did towards the end of my last quarter at FIDM. It was a contemporary sportswear look for Fall 08′. Her twinnie on the right is the same look but re-worked for SP 12′! It’s fun digging up old projects and revamping them! :)

So I came across a “creative block” this week due to the high level of stress from my full-time job in the fashion industry, worrying about my family’s income every day, and maintaining a somewhat long distance relationship. A lot was going on this week which caused this huge block in my head. I brought my sketchbook everyday to work with me to work on future posts, but I couldn’t get to it! At the same time I’m also networking with a ton of fashion bloggers every single day. So, as I was looking for inspiration for my next sketch this morning, I came across an old one that I did 4 years ago. That’s when it hit me -to re-create the look again! And what a perfect way I thought to keep me fulfilled for the day! To take the old with the new.. Hope you like <3


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