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I went shopping at a thrift store in Sherman Oaks called Buffalo Exchange and found myself walking out literally with a handful (and no bag!) of clothes! I thought it was funny that this store doesn’t provide bags to hold your purchases in when you leave, so it looked like I was shop lifting as I left! I got myself an assortment of tops and bottoms which I was very pleased with… check out what I’ve put together!

The first thing I walked over to were the shoes! There were tons of different designer shoes, and some that I have never seen before… It was total excitement.

A never ending rack of colorful shorts..

I tried these shoes on and I loved them! I was sold on getting them given the very affordable price, but while I continued to shop around the store some more, I figured the shoes could wait!

Check out all my purchases from my mini shorts, to printed pants, lace top, and more!

I’m such a sneaky girl hiding in the fitting rooms and snapping shots of clothes! I’ve only got caught a few times in the beginning when this was my job, but now I’ve mastered being just as quiet and quick like a mouse!

I normally don’t go thrift shopping much, but I’m glad I got a chance to stop by this one in particular, because after walking in, I completely forgot I was in one! This store was full of today’s current trends.. I would say it’s much like an edgier version of Forever21 with the same price range as well. Hope you enjoyed today’s adventure!<3

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