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Today is a “stay in and get better” day for me. I had a lot of work to catch up on from my full-time job since I got back from my little break, but my gut told me I should call off work for today. I had been stressed the past couple of days which had unfortunately caused me to have this horrible cough this whole week. But not to worry, because I still had a good week. I felt a little guilty to miss work again, but, I realized that I care and love myself too much to risk getting worse. Work does get tough at times, but I know when to not overwork myself, and when I need to catch a break. I’m a dedicated hard-worker, but, I don’t stretch myself thin for others because then I would hate myself for it and worse, become unhappy like most people I know. So, I’m going to do what I need to do! :)

With barely any sleep last night, I did a 15-minute meditation before I peeled myself out of bed where I decided I wanted to do a quick sketch for today’s post. I had this incredible need to be creative (even with the lack of energy I had) and didn’t want to spend too much time on it, so I sketched it up and inked it in quickly. This look is based on my favorite line from Fashion Week, Skaist – Taylor Spring 2013.

Afterwards I decided to do a creative little exercise which can be useful if you find yourself caught in stressful moments. I wrote down all the negative things in my life in a note and what I was currently feeling, and then (the fun part!) burned it. This was such a great start to my day as I’m already feeling better :)

The end result is the best part for me :) Now I’m going to enjoy my sunny day off!


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