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[blockquote client_name=”Sara Caterinicchia”] “We take for granted the freedom of having the ability to change our clothes every day. I want to try to walk in the shoes of a little girl who just doesn’t have the same luxuries as I do. So every day of the month for the duration of my KickStarter campaign , I pledge to wear the same dress for them.”[/blockquote]

An inspiring pledge geared towards the help in launching the company Who’s Little? by my friend, Sara Caterinicchia. I’ve decided to take on this pledge along with her for a week seeing this as a great challenge, being in the fashion industry, to wear the same outfit every day! It’s one more reminder to add to that list of things to be grateful for every day :)

Each day I will post a photo in the same post along with a short description of how this affects my attitude and how I feel about wearing the same dress every day for week – and not to mention the reaction I will also gain from other people who will eventually notice! Hehe.. keep up with Sara’s blog as well and watch her day by day wearing the same dress – for a MONTH!

Check out her beautiful childrenswear dress line Who’s Little? And share / pledge her kickstarter project in support of her company :)

DAY: 1 Today was easy, no one will notice seeing that the office was more empty than present after all the crazy Halloween parties this past weekend :) So I feel all right, not too worried about showing up tomorrow in the same outfit, lol! The dress I chose to wear is from Urban Outfitters paired with a black cardigan from our CANVAS line at work.. casual, comfortable, just what I want. :) Let’s see how the rest of the week goes…!

DAY: 2 It was easy getting up today without having to think about what I was going to wear, so, I’m not complaining yet! I did get a compliment on how cute I looked though, lol! It could’ve been the hair change.. I also wore different boots today as well, but other than that, everything else is the same.

DAY: 3 I feel that I’m starting to grow very tired of this dress! I wish I could change out of it.. eek! Same dress, same cardigan, oh boy! It was pretty tough for me to have to throw it on this morning.

DAY: 4 Not only do I feel bored of this look, but I also feel dirty. I did get a strange look from the boss today unsure if it was because he noticed I was wearing the same outfit again, hehe!

Day: 5 I lasted an entire week going to work in the same outfit! It’s unbelievable.. At this point, I’ve grown used to wearing the same dress however, I’ve also grown to dislike it more! Thank goodness it’s the start of the weekend. I’ve been getting a feeling that some of the girls at work are noticing, but they haven’t mentioned it to me of course.

Day: 6 Last minute I decided to go out with some friends on a Saturday, which means I did end up going out in the same dress for the night. It wasn’t too bad, but I wished I had something different on to wear for the occassion!

DAY: 7 Yay! An entire week! My last day, finally! I have to say, wearing the same dress every day made me tons more grateful of what I have now. Knowing that there are little girls out there who don’t have the luxury to change and style themselves every day is a reminder to keep all of us fashionistas on check as we shop aggressively for the latest trend piece and the most expensive buy. It’s important to see beyond our materialistic possessions and recognize what we really have to appreciate in life. This has probably been the biggest challenge for me by far, having to show up at work in the same outfit and spending the entire weekend outing in the same clothes. I’ll have to admit, I’ve only washed these clothes ONCE the entire time I’ve worn it! Now that my week is over, I’ll be so happy to finally change clothes again! I ask that you try and join in on Sara’s challenge and share your experience in support of her company, Who’s Little?  :)



  1. Alys

    I’d love to try this! I think you chose a very good dress for the project – not too OTT but still quite interesting. I shall have to look out for something similar

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