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After digging through several boxes and pulling out old sketchbooks, fashion books, and my pop-up book from Japan, I decided to post a few of my favorite sketches today along with famous designer quotes that I love. I’ll have my pictures tell you a story this time :) This is my mind expressing itself in a series of collages. Let’s start off by going down the rabbit hole!


If I was quoted, this would be mine:

I only hope to inspire people just as people inspire me.

That would be my quote :)


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  1. Emirose

    You’re FLIP, of course, you are loud, bsioterous and you spontaneously break out into Karaoke! That’s just how we roll baby!Ah posing, I am not good at it. I feel I should watch and endure Tyra Banks show so I can learn but then I figured meh, not worth it!besos,MLJoin the Easiest Blog Project Ever at: Twenty York Street

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