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Going out, taking a break, and treating yourself with a good friend is such a warm and happy feeling to have. Since I’ve kept myself pretty busy, I’ve been able to successfully balance time for myself and for others which has kept me very content :) I met up with a friend and fellow designer, AB today and caught up with work and life on this extremely hot day. And like what any normal person would do, we got some icecream at Soda Fountain in Hollywood :) And you’ll notice, this awesome desert has to do with one of my favorite places of ever!

So one fact you should know about me: I never count calories! :) Here’s a quote I like to go by: “The care we give our bodies determines the quality of life we’ll have, but not the length of life.” – E.B.

So believe it or not, like the happy hungry girl I am, I licked my cup clean :)! This all ended up to be a good day!



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