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A look inspired by her <3 I came up with an original design of a rose pink latex bra, with monster claws embellished with diamond rings – which are grasping her breasts. Paired with (another original) dip-dye jeans (which is another trend to keep an eye out for!) structured with multiple seams down the leg. The hair, I decided to accentuate it to look like roses, in a blonde color. And lastly, the eyebrow art, which is made up of multiple gem stones (another runway trend!). I love Lady Gaga, and her looks may seem a bit racey, but it’s tasteful, and it offers inspiration & a challenge to every designer out there!


  1. Jeyinti

    Hi Stephanie,
    I jut wanted to thank you for stoppingy at, my blog.
    And I do have to say that I admire your website and illustrations A LOT!!!!!
    I’m looking for a way to incorporate that in my blog as well. Like having a fashion illustration of myself as well.

    Anyways we’ll keep in touch!!! Keep up the good work :)


    P.S. Where did you get the web design?

      • Isabell

        Get there at 3p.m. and find out how they will be letting pepole in with GA tickets. When I saw her in San Jose last year . the arena gave us numbered wrist bands and told us to come back at 6 to get in line and at 7 they let us in. Gaga didn’t perform until 930p. There was a lot of waiting. Make sure you go to the bathroom & wear comfortable shoes.

          • Brenda

            Depends on your personality but if your ouoitgng, you have a chance to really dress up and have fun with it. Wear something funky with crazy false eye lashes!If you dont fancy the more daring option, just wear whatever you’re gonna feel most comfortable in

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