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In the featured image I have is an orignial skirt design that I’ve been orchestrating in my head all week long while my full-time job was preventing me from focusing on the other work I love to do. Finally, I sketched it up bright and early this morning! Again, I went with the dip-dye look for this skirt…! I’m telling you, this is HOT! I just bought myself a pair of jeans from ASOS last week :D Anyways, the main focus is the picture above.. the horse shoes. A friend of mine at work emailed me this photo saying it reminded him of me. At first my reaction was like, “WHAT?!” Nooo way man!” But then, I took a second look at it again and thought, this was made pretty well.. the look is unusual and the design is unique.. So I wanted to incorporate these unusual pairs of shoes in my latest illustration! Just so you know, these CAN be pulled off by anyone. If people these days are wearing Alexander McQueen’s outrageous and one-of-a-kind shoes regularly, why would anyone be afraid to try these? I would try them ;D



  1. Amanda

    Hi!! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. The design of that shoes are stunning, but I’m not sure if I would wear them…
    I also loved the design of your blog, it’s very interactive and lovely!

    See ya!

  2. Fiseha

    I know I was so sad when they got in a crash. I love Stephanie’s blog. It has been my favorite for the past year. She has the sseetawt family. I hope her and her husband pull through.

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