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FOREVER21 floral crop top / IRENE’S STORY high waisted pleather shorts / FREE PEOPLE sunglasses / ASOS red sneaker wedges /

Today’s OOTD is what I would call a casual grunge look for me featuring my favorite wedge sneakers from ASOS. These shoes are so just comfortable and you can wear it anywhere for any occassion. I just wore these shoes last night to a club with some girlfriends¬†and guess what? I never had to take them off after dancing all night! These are my go-to everyday shoes.. and I’m definitely going to get myself more pairs :)

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  1. Mehmet

    HIIII:D :DThis is the first time i’m ever commenting on any blog . i’ve been fwoiollng all your updates for a looong loong time now you’re like this really cool older sis hehehAnyway I was goin crrazzzyy makin my video portfolio so that some event company hires me :) inshAllah anyhu so got boored and i felt like my eyes would pop out if i stared the screen any longer, so decided to take a break and read your blog, stalk maher zain hehehe love that guy.. i totally follow him on twitter oh and yea you should come on google+its the new facebook I’ll send you an invite pearl daisy should be there!!! :D :Dwow didnt think I’d write so much .c ya ..

  2. Adi

    Assalaam Alaykum! Your outfit is lovley. I’m struggling to find a style or way of wearing hijab that doesn’t make me look like an old lady. I’ve just turned 47, so I am not old, and actually no one believes I m 47 because I do look much younger, but when I do wear a hijab, I just like so blah and old. I am a big woman and my face is round. I don’t wear a lot of make up and and I don’t want a bunch of material piled up on my head it just makes me look bigger than I already am. Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you! Have a great evening.Lisa.

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