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Florals for Spring

Yes, Miranda Priestly, FLORALS FOR SPRING! It’s an undying trend that will be around for a long time especially in this time of season. BUT! I can understand her enthusiasm. Floral trends are constantly recycled every year.. it’s nothing new. Although, what we can do differently is create new and fresher ways to reuse this trend! If you’re going to use/wear a floral print, play with unique and different silhouettes like the v-neck drop armhole top from TopShop; shape and texture is another thing you can tie into the floral look, like the silk chiffon skirt from Sia Dimitriadi Laburnum. Lastly, I think the most important aspect of this trend is to play with colors! Multiple colors are a huge part of florals and play a significant role in choosing your look for this season. I think Miranda would accept this…

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