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Who does happy hour on a Wednesday with their favorite girlfriends? …I do. Even though it seriously costed my energy { << does that makes sense? Is the grammar right for that? Lol..} for the rest of the week, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.… Read more

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it’s 2014

Is hibernation season over yet? I swear that’s what it felt like to me all December along with the offbeat attitude! Geezus. I can’t believe 2014 is here. Last month I’ve been incredibly lazy, probably the laziest I’ve ever been the entire year! I didn’t… Read more

oh the holidays
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For the past few weeks, or, maybe since the start of December, everything’s just felt off! My energy has been confuzzled {confused + puzzled} and really throwing me into an artist’s block, boooo! Is it just me going through this? Well, the full moon usually has that type… Read more

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Look Pretty

don’t we girls wish that every day? just to sit outside maybe with a friend and watch the day go by, eat a block of cheese, a bag of chips, tacos, some fettuccine alfredo, and mango icecream {listing my favorites}, & NOT  worry about breaking out or a… Read more

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Muse: Pearypie

pearypie   A colorful and popular make-up artist from Thailand whom I follow on Instagram. I love staring at her photos because I’m constantly studying her make-up techniques {even though I hardly wear any make-up anymore, lol}. It’s pretty flawless along with her photogenic face.… Read more

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With Heels

“The further you distance yourself from your expectations, the more exhilarating your life will become.” {Madisyn Taylor} Another day, another audition. I felt so confident I had this one, but! No.. {poops}. This was the second time I was instructed to arrive wearing ‘a nice… Read more

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There must be something about 2012 with all the enagagements and marriages happening that year! A couple of my friends got engaged too, and I couldn’t be more happier for them to start the next chapter in life with their loved ones.

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A look inspired by her <3 I came up with an original design of a rose pink latex bra, with monster claws embellished with diamond rings – which are grasping her breasts. Paired with (another original) dip-dye jeans (which is another trend to keep an eye out for!) structured… Read more

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OOTD goes to Samm once again! I call this the ‘LA Look’… incorporated with denim, blacks, gunmetal jewelry, and a rock n’ roll chic edge to it all. She’s dressed appropriately for the cool spring weather with her high black socks and black mid-calf boots. This… Read more