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kobe baby
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a farewell

My little hero… I’ve been taking a break from my usual work and social media altogether just trying to cope with little Kobe’s passing.. it was the hardest decision to have to put him to sleep after he had collapsed at home after waking up… Read more

day off part 3
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venice beach

  I love Venice Beach. That is all. The poke bowl was amazing. If any of you love sashimi alone, then you will love poke, because that’s just what it is. I got raw slices of spicy tuna mixed with kale, ginger, seaweed, sesame, and other… Read more

ahogado icecream
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a sabbatical

My day off part 2: much needed. I’ve been thrown into a funk a little bit because of my day job. It’s gotten to the point where my head constantly worries if I’ll be able to finish my work on time or who next in… Read more

latte hour
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the daily grind

Everything has been so fast paced since I jumped back into the fashion industry. The workload is piling, the stress level is increasing, and it’s starting to suck the good energy out of me. Thankfully I have those few people at work who are more… Read more

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My little sister had the day off today, so then I decided to take the day off from work to spend time with her! I needed a break from work anyway. She wanted to go shopping for her Coachella trip next weekend so I took… Read more

bottega louie_1070x600
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Who does happy hour on a Wednesday with their favorite girlfriends? …I do. Even though it seriously costed my energy { << does that makes sense? Is the grammar right for that? Lol..} for the rest of the week, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.… Read more

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in my bag

When I discovered the Japanese bookstore in Little Tokyo I couldn’t help but buy myself the cute little Japanese art supplies they had there! And even though I really don’t need them, I bought myself two cute mini notebooks with lined pages and a hard brush… Read more

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new layout in the works

For‘s 2-year birthday I’m doing a little make-over for my website! As you can see, my site is currently under construction, in case you’re visiting for the first time or just checking back! Lots of updates and fun stuff going on. It’s taking a… Read more

selfie 2014 blog
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it’s 2014

Is hibernation season over yet? I swear that’s what it felt like to me all December along with the offbeat attitude! Geezus. I can’t believe 2014 is here. Last month I’ve been incredibly lazy, probably the laziest I’ve ever been the entire year! I didn’t… Read more

oh the holidays
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For the past few weeks, or, maybe since the start of December, everything’s just felt off! My energy has been confuzzled {confused + puzzled} and really throwing me into an artist’s block, boooo! Is it just me going through this? Well, the full moon usually has that type… Read more

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Doll Inspired

  I went to the Getty Museum recently before Thanksgiving and spotted this neat sculpture! It reminded me of my illustrated dolls.. Perfection! In other news… I’ve been keeping busy and staying focused for the past -errr week – almost – two now working on a… Read more

yellow tights
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Make Believe

Happy Pumpkin Day! I can’t believe Halloween is already here! ..Omg, I can’t believe it’s already here. And in two months, 2013 will be over. WHAAAAT? So last year I did a lot of Halloween festivities the entire month of October, but I think this… Read more

look pretty_lazy
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Look Pretty

don’t we girls wish that every day? just to sit outside maybe with a friend and watch the day go by, eat a block of cheese, a bag of chips, tacos, some fettuccine alfredo, and mango icecream {listing my favorites}, & NOT  worry about breaking out or a… Read more

peary pie
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Muse: Pearypie

pearypie   A colorful and popular make-up artist from Thailand whom I follow on Instagram. I love staring at her photos because I’m constantly studying her make-up techniques {even though I hardly wear any make-up anymore, lol}. It’s pretty flawless along with her photogenic face.… Read more

finding kefi
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Finding Kefi

{spiritual geek mode here!} I’ve been jumping around from 4 Simple Things to 6 Things in my blog posts.. and now I’m onto 5 Things! I think I want to stick with this one.. After meditating this morning I came up with a fun idea of “Finding… Read more

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Spanish Batiste

Lately my favorite shopping hot spots have been at boutiques on Melrose and on Santee Alley. I’ve been slowly straying away from shopping at malls and from major labels now because everything I see are the same {boooo}. Top notch fashion bloggers all wear the… Read more

wear a nice black dress_630
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With Heels

“The further you distance yourself from your expectations, the more exhilarating your life will become.” {Madisyn Taylor} Another day, another audition. I felt so confident I had this one, but! No.. {poops}. This was the second time I was instructed to arrive wearing ‘a nice… Read more

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6 Things

1. Tiago Cafe. This is such a nifty little cafe my boyfriend and I like to go to for brunch<3. What I love about it is that it’s walking distance from home! This place is pretty health conscious too which I don’t mind.. their food’s… Read more

seasonal mint
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Seasonal Mint

The color MINT is such a hit this season! It was hard to avoid while shopping for a dress for my cousin’s wedding day. It was another beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony so my last minute get-up was planned for a bright sunny weather.

happy 1 year
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Happy Birthday STEPHANIESURTIDA.COM! Time really flew by and already we’re nearing towards half the year…! My 20s are happening very fast.. but I couldn’t be happier with the way things are turning out so far!

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There must be something about 2012 with all the enagagements and marriages happening that year! A couple of my friends got engaged too, and I couldn’t be more happier for them to start the next chapter in life with their loved ones.

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Happy Holidays everyone! I bought this goofy sweater a year ago to participate in a cousins’ “Ugly Sweater Christmas” but, this sweater doesn’t apply obviously… I bought it because it was CUTE! Score! <3

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“We take for granted the freedom of having the ability to change our clothes every day. I want to try to walk in the shoes of a little girl who just doesn’t have the same luxuries as I do. So every day of the month for the duration of my KickStarter campaign , I pledge to wear the same dress for them.”

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A fashion show featuring my friend and her line, WHO’S LITTLE? I had so much fun participating and helping out backstage with the little girls and documenting every moment from behind-the-scenes to the runway.

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Counting my blessings: I chose 4 simple things around my day instead of 5 because first of all, four is my favorite number! I decided to do this because it’s not often we all take the time to really appreciate the little things in life when you go through difficult times. And the smallest things always count.. Know that! :)

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A look inspired by her <3 I came up with an original design of a rose pink latex bra, with monster claws embellished with diamond rings – which are grasping her breasts. Paired with (another original) dip-dye jeans (which is another trend to keep an eye out for!) structured… Read more

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OOTD features Jennifer <3 Brights and whites are the main colors we will begin to see as soon as summer rolls around. We all want to be able to stand out under the sun looking amazing right? Learn from my sister, who knows how to style it up… Read more

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OOTD goes to Samm once again! I call this the ‘LA Look’… incorporated with denim, blacks, gunmetal jewelry, and a rock n’ roll chic edge to it all. She’s dressed appropriately for the cool spring weather with her high black socks and black mid-calf boots. This… Read more