1. Aladin

    These upadtes are great. Jeff Finley does this kind of upadte over on GoMediaZine. I’m going to start doing it on my blog.I look forward to reading your ideas on passive income. I’m a big fan of your blog. Keep at it. What are your thoughts on those kids books on drawing? Things like How to Draw a Dinosaur? They are aimed at amateurs, but my drawing skills aren’t much better than an amateur level right now.I’ve been using them to practice and it is helping a bit with drawing. I still do traditional drawing exercises, but I want to make characters eventually. I checked out a few books at the library and have been doing these exercises. Thx.

    • @Aladin thank you so much! and you know what, i wouldn’t be ashamed of learning how to draw from children’s book. actually, i wouldn’t mind at all learning from them even today! childrens books are inspiring to me as well. it’s important to learn and be open to different types looks and styles of drawings because you never know what style you might stem from and stick with! :D mine actually stem from anime! :] hope that helps <3 Xx SS

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