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A bowl of berries with organic soy vanilla yogurt; a quick and easy breakfast I like to have before starting my day at work. It’s a little bit on the healthier side than what I normally would like to eat, but I’ve been doing spiritual fastings every other month since last July for will power and self-discipline. I am currently on one right now! I never do diets for weight loss, it’s unnecessary for me. When I’m out of my fastings I love to eat all kinds of junk! I will still have a double-double from In-N- Out, seafood fettucine from Olive Garden, a Chipotle bowl covered with carnitas and all the goods including a bag of chips and salsa, half a Porto’s Strawberry Cheesecake, etc.! Food is my friend :)

The Vegan Stoner  is a friendly illustrated vegan food blog that I highly recommend! I love to take ideas from this blog whenever I’m on my vegan fasting :)

When I was a kid, all I could remember doing was trying to be able to do the splits both ways. I would practice every day and when I finally accomplished it, my next goal was to do a headstand, and then eventually a handstand, and then back bends, and so on. I wanted to be very flexible. To me it was fun to see what my body could do which eventually lead me to keep Yoga in my practices since I was about thirteen years old. I love trying new things, and I’m so determined to doing it right. Earlier this week I just re-taught myself to do a headstand again along with an even more challening pose: the scorpion pose. It wasn’t easy, and I definitely still need a wall to guide me, but for the most part, my body has adjusted and learned the process of this pose. I do work out every other night and I like to take dance classes on the side as well. I need to stay pumped and active -and most of all, I need to be having fun!

This is my forever puppy chihuahua, Kobe. His name was my idea :) I love him so much, he’s my teddy bear! He just knows how to lighten up the mood in any room he walks into. He’s a demanding and stubborn pup with a lot of attitude! He’s also a big sweetheart who loves to cuddle with you and keep you company especially if you’ve had a terrible day. I’ve had him for over 10 years now. He’s old, but he’s still my little monkey bear!

This is me and my sisters. I am the middle child, the outcast and the “different one”. People used to tease that I was adopted which contributed to a lot of insecurities I had while growing up. But! Those insecurities don’t bother me anymore because I’ve learned to love myself which was so difficult for me to do. In the end are all each other; these guys are my other halves and I’ll love them forever.

I love make-up. I do! I love beauty, and I’m such a girly-girl too. I don’t wear all of this on a daily basis and I try not to go “heavy”. If I had to choose and decide out of my make-up bag what I couldn’t leave the house without wearing, it would my favorite brand Hourglass, a tinted moisturizer and concealer.

My favorite jewelry. I love pocket watches. These are probably the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever had. This is something I will always treasure.

My portfolio is my current obsession and motivation for my career in the fashion industry. A friend told me never to keep all my eggs in one basket and to be open to more opportunities rather than sticking with one full-time job. There’s still more room for me grow and explore this crazy fashion world. My dream job would be to travel again and photograph street fashion and do trend researching for a living. Maybe one day when I get really lucky :)

This is me! I wanted new goals for myself this year, and I wanted to accomplish them on my own with focus and dedication. I want to re-balance my life and let go all the negativity I’ve always had. So far, almost everything is finally falling into place! :) Weaving out the bad and sticking with the good. I hope you guys like today’s post~!



  1. Cecily

    Ihave the same goals as you! trend research is my main goal, but living in southamerica i don’t think thats going to happn any time soon!!! As far as i’ve seen love your portfolio, keep working!! you’re gonna make it!

  2. Jedbot5000

    You’re amazing!! Your blog rocks!! Everytime I visit I find something new…you’re going to get everything you want…keep working hard for it, and it’s yours!! <3

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