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What better way to celebrate the summer without stopping by at Disneyland?! My sister decided to take me there because I hadn’t gone as much as I’d like to have this summer. Having a Deluxe season pass, I’m not really taking advantage as much as I really should! Today was a perfect day to drop by for an OOTD because amazingly, NO ONE was there. We got to ride all the major rides: Space Mountain, California Screamin’, and Hollywood Tower of Terror. Not to mention we got to ride the first two twice. We were so lucky that all the rides were less than a 30-minute wait :) I also got to see what Cars Land looked like for the first time! However, the car ride was the only ride that was over two hours long which I didn’t get to try out unfortunately.. but the Star Tours ride was only a 25-minute wait! I never thought I’d see the day.. Check out our fun adventure for the day celebrating the end of summer vacay and the start of the new school year for kids!

FOREVER21 swan tank / H&M neon spandex skirt / ALDO sandals

FOREVER21 burnout low back top / TOKYO wrap-around studded belt / THRIFT STORE denim skirt / IRENE’S STORY copper brooch / DISNEY PINS grape soda & mickey / CUSTO  bear bag / KIPLING camera bag / DISNEY mickey crocs – YES, crocs! And I love them! I feel like I’m walking on pillows :)

The one and only scrumdiddlyumptious mouth-watering pineapple drink! These are only made in Disneyland and in Hawaii – unbelievable! I got my sister to fall in love with the pineapple float that I always get. If you haven’t tried this, you are missing out! Don’t forget to stop by the Tiki Room for some singing and chirping!


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