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1.) Mister Buddha. He is a must have.. Growing up I have always thought of him as a little luck charmer. He’s also a great reminder of not taking life too seriously and not letting our minds hold us hostage. Every time I think of him he tells me that the most important thing about life is “keeping your spirit content”. :)

Decided to create a little space for a small garden.. Along with baking, I am also not familiar with gardening! It’s super fun to try new things and surround yourself with what you create :) It definitely helps me take my mind off of fashion for a bit and refresh. While I’m dealing with a few new projects coming up, I am also creating an outlet to express other areas of creativity and relaxtion.

My favorite most silly looking plant is the “Baby Toes” Fenestraria Aurantiaca from the deserts of South Africa. Each “toe” has a translucent window where sunlight is filtered to enable photosynthesis.

2.) I stopped by Trader Joes this past weekend and bought banana bread mix. I was so proud of my last batch of mini m&m cupcakes that I wanted to bake more this weekend! Of course, it’s kept simple, I’m not going to try anything extravagant unless I really know what I’m doing, lol! I have been eating heartily since this past week (with no guilt of course!) and just feeling completely relished :)

3.) Found my matching denim wallet & journal! The wallet (left) was an 18th birthday present from my older sister and I LOVED it! I loved it so much that I decided to get myself a matching journal with it as well. I haven’t used it up thankfully because now I’ll have use for it in note taking when I take classes at HOI. :) So glad they showed up out of nowhere..

4.) Uncovered a large picture frame filled with about 15 other photos and in the top right hand corner is a picture of me and my older sister. I haven’t seen this picture in years! We totally don’t look related, (lol!) but we are definitely close. Aren’t we cute?!


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